How do I create an FTP user? (Plesk)

How do I create an FTP user? (Plesk)

  1. To log in your hosting control panel follow My Products >> Web Hosting >> Hosting management.

    My Products Web Hosting

  2. Fill in your hosting user and password.


  3. If your options menu is not extended, you can open it if you click on Show More.

    Show More

  4. Navigate to FTP Access. Here you can view your FTP accounts.

    FTP Access

    FTP accounts

  5. Click on Add New FTP Account.

    Add New FTP Account

  6. Fill in the form. Preferably:

    1. The username should be 6 – 10 lowercase Latin letters or numbers.
    2. Leave the home directory at the root, unless you are sure you need custom access.
    3. Choose a strong password.
  7. Click on OK.
  8. Give the account a minute or two to start working.