How do I create an FTP user?

How do I create an FTP user?

You can easily manage your hosted files via FTP. To create an account follow the steps below:

  1. Log in your hosting control panel (

    Control panel

  2. At the top follow 'My Products' > 'Web hosting'.

    Web hosting

  3. In the table you will see your hosts. Click on 'Hosting details' for the host you need to manage.


  4. Click on 'FTP users'.

    FTP users

  5. This will open a table of available FTP accounts. If you do not have any yet, locate your default FTP extension at the bottom (Example: _ _ _ _ _@domainname.tld) and fill in the blank with some username (Example: example@domainname.tld) and click on '+ Add user'.

    Add user

  6. Fill in the form and hit 'Add FTP user' below.

    Add FTP user form

  7. If you did it right your new FTP account details will now appear before you.

    Account details